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EZ Test for Heroin Purity – 1 test

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Step 1 – Prepare some of the substance for analysis. Only a small amount is required, roughly 2 mm by 2mm volume.

Step 2 – Knock the unopened ampoule several times against a hard surface to make any particles sticking to the side of the ampoule fall downwards.

Step 3 – Hold the ampoule in one hand and snap off the top part at the fracture line, using index finger and thumb.

Step 4 – Keep the ampoule in the upright position and transfer your sample into the ampoule. After this place the cap on the opened ampoule.
** Ehrlich and Cannabis tests have a small granule in the cap which is a catalyst and also needs to be added. **
** One easy method for adding your substance is simply to add the sample into the top of the cap and place the cap on the opened ampoule. **

Step 5 – Allow the sample and the reagents / granule to mix. A gentle shake and turn can help.

Step 6 – Compare the colour change (if any) with the colours on the colour chart included in the packaging. Any colour change should fully develop within 1 – 2 minutes.

Step 7 – When finished, place the used ampoule in a sealed bag and dispose of responsibly. Please do not litter.


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